The Machine is Neither… is an interactive electroacoustic collaboration formed in 2013 by Emma Hospelhorn, composer, flutes, and gestural control, and Ben Sutherland, composer, designer/ programmer, and gestural control.

The Machine itself is an evolving set of interactive computer music tools and compositions.  It has used off-the-shelf technologies, including Xbox Kinect, Thalmic Labs Myo, and Rokoko Smartsuit Pro, as well as custom sensor systems.  It hears (transducers), sees (2D/3D camera vision), and feels (IMU (inertial measurement unit) and EMG (electromyogram) sensor systems, and other physical computing sensors).  It generates, listens, responds, transforms. It is a shape shifter, a hyper-instrument, a nexus where performer, composer, designer/builder, and listener blur and fuse. 

Sometimes we collaborate with dancers, who provide us with bodies and gestural control. Sometimes we provide the bodies ourselves.

Past Performances:

7/27/2019 Omaha Under The Radar, Omaha, NE
3/22-25/2019 East Carolina University, Greenville, NC (residency/workshops/performance)
3/20/2019 Chagall + The Machine Is Neither w/ Jasmine Mendoza, The Den Theatre, Chicago, IL
2/22/2019 Elastic Arts w/ special guests Jasmine Mendoza, Katinka Kleijn, & Lia Kohl, Chicago, IL 
7/14/2018 SILENT FUNNY, Chicago, IL (residency/performance)
3/27/2018 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL (installation/performance/talk)
11/11/2017 SILENT FUNNY, Chicago, IL (installation/performance)
9/27/2017 The Hideout, Chicago, IL
3/18/2016 Porto Conference on Gesture As Musical Interface, Porto, Portugal
3/6/2016 Frequency Series, Constellation, Chicago, IL
5/20/2015 University of Chicago, Fulton Hall
10/14/2014 Chicago Composer’s Consortium, Music Institute of Chicago, Chicago,  IL
8/3/2014 Frequency Series, Constellation, w/ the SPACE/MOVEMENT project, Chicago, IL